On behalf of Jacksonville State University and the Office of Clinical Experiences, we thank you for assuming the responsibility as a cooperating teacher for our teacher candidates. We understand this is an added responsibility for you, but we hope you will find the experience to be professionally rewarding.

To thank you for your willingness to mentor our teacher candidates, you will earn JSU scholarship credit hours and CEUs for hosting our teacher candidates as per the following:

Intern Cooperating Teachers will be awarded 1.5 JSU scholarship credit hours after you have hosted an intern, followed the Co-Teaching Model, and collaborated with the University Supervisor (US) for an entire semester. You will also earn 1.0 CEU per intern hosted. To receive your CEU credit, you must register through your STIPD account with the PD Title given to you by the US each semester.

Practicum Cooperating Teachers will earn .5 JSU scholarship credit hours and .5 CEU.

Yearlong clinical experience placement occurs when the candidate is placed with the same CT during both a practicum and internship. In this scenario, the CT will earn one additional JSU scholarship credit hour for a total of 3.0 scholarship credit hours (.5 for practicum, 1.5 for hosting the intern, and 1.0 additional yearlong).

Cooperating Teachers who share teacher candidates in split-placements will receive split scholarship credit hours and CEUs.

Office of Clinical Experiences

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